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Our Goals . . .

The Keystone Haflinger Association is a regional Haflinger organization whose primary goals are two-prong: First to enjoy our horses with our friends - Throughout the year we sponsor family-friendly activities including clinics, trail rides, camp-overs, pleasure rides, and a January Membership/Dinner meeting. Second - to promote the Haflinger breed – As part of our promotional program we make contributions to the American Haflinger Association (AHR), and sponsor classes in the AHR National Show and Haflinger classes at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE) in Harrisburg PA. We have previously sponsored a booth at Horse Expo and continue to participate at Horse Progress Days when it is held in Pennsylvania. Many of our members show in Haflinger breed shows but have also branched out into open classes at shows, competing in Dressage, Jumping, Combined Driving (CDE), Pleasure Driving, Competitive Trail and a variety of riding and driving classes and fun events. They are consistently winning and effectively proving the versatility of the Haflinger breed in areas long dominated by larger breeds. Our golden horses are always drawing attention, whether on the trail and in the ring as we enjoy them to their fullest, and more and more folks discover their beauty and ability.


Our horses . . .

Haflinger horses are easily recognized by their signature flaxen or white mane and tail flowing over their golden chestnut coat.  They are referred to as "America's Family Horse," and are known and loved most for their personality and gentle disposition.  They love being with and working with people.  A common misconception is that they are a draft pony and only suitable for work, however, they are actually a horse.  Through selective breeding for performance, their athleticism and temperament make them well suited for packing and trail riding, competition in combined driving (CDE), pleasure driving and light harness.  Their trainability and eagerness to please make them perfect for ridden and driven dressage, vaulting and jumping, cross country, Western and English pleasure, Western reining and team penning.  They excel as therapeutic riding horses and all-around family horses.  But if you buy one beware:  It is said that Haflingers are like potato chips – you can’t have just one!