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Dean Baker
6603 River Road
Conestoga, PA 17516

John Welk
656 Martic Heights Road
Pequea, PA 17565

Linda Miller

Heidi Wheaton
2860 Yellow Goose Road
Lancaster PA 17601

Abner Miller
1156 Steinmetz Road
Ephrata, PA 17522

Director and Haflinger Express Editor
Elaine Durlin
406 Bush Road
Danville, PA 17821

Treasurer/Membership Chair
Melanie Cornman
2834 East Berlin Road
York PA 17408

Directors of the KHA

Dean Baker

Dean Baker lives in Conestoga with his wife Pat. Dean was one of the founders of KHA and served as our first president. Both he and Pat work hard behind the scenes and Dean chairs many events. No matter how busy, Dean is always available for advice or to advocate for the breed he so dearly loves. You’ll see him riding or driving at most KHA functions. When you see the tall distinguished looking gent with a mustache, white hat and deep voice, you can be sure it’s Dean. Congratulate him on his never wavering zeal for the Haflinger breed and Keystone Haflinger.

John Welk

John Welk and his wife Sharon, charter members who live near Pequea, have owned horses for many years – Haflingers for about 8 years. They are active driving their horses in KHA events and they year beginning a successful career in the show ring. John is another “behind the scenes” hard worker when it comes to planning events and mapping our drives. KHA is fortunate to have him accept the position of Vice-President. His mare Ophelia Olinda DTA was named Jr. Champion Pleasure Mare and his gelding Nick KVH, Reserve Grand Champion Gelding 4 Year Old.

Melanie Cornman

Melanie Cornman, her husband Greg, and children Seth, Caraline, and Christine, own Twin Pines Haflingers in York County PA. Melanie grew up on a dairy farm in Adams County. She has always loved horses and had her first horse by age ten. Her relationship with Haflingers began eight years ago when Caraline, the horse crazy middle child, then age six, wanted her own horse. So Melanie and Greg bought two grade Haflinger mares and began researching the breed. Next, Caraline wanted to take her mare to a “horse show”. After that it was full steam ahead with two registered horses – My Fair Lady of Genesis (Lucy) and Cashmere of Genesis - the two mares who got the Cornmans hooked on Haflinger shows. Cashmere has since classified silver with a score of 79 points and has won several prestigious titles. The Cornmans now own five registered Haflingers and have been successful showing them in every discipline, but it is a love for the Haflinger that sustains the family’s dedication to the breed. Melanie is the Membership Chair and Treasurer for KHA, an active member of the AHR board, and involved with anything Haflinger.

Shannon VanHorn-Haas

Shannon VanHorn-Haas and her husband Richard Haas are relative newly weds. Shannon moved to Lancaster from Michigan only about 2 1/2 years ago. Her early equine partners included quarter horses, an Arabian, two Thoroughbred crosses and a Friesian Sporthorse. Upon moving to Pennsylvania, she began searching for a perfect equine partner for the "maturing" rider whose interests have turned to trail riding, driving and dressage. After considering several of the smaller breeds -- including the Connemara and the Gypsy Vanner -- she fell in love with the versatile, athletic, eye-catching golden horse from Austria. With help from trainer Daniel Lapp of Applecroft Acres, her young Haflinger mare Bella, has become a delightful riding and driving partner. Last spring, the Haases added two more Haflingers--Wynston and Walter--to the family, and look forward to team driving Bella with one of the "boys" this summer. Shannon continues to work and travel for Michigan-based Hillsdale College. Richard and his son, Tom, own Cherry Hill Orchards in New Danville.

Elaine Durlin

As a charter member of KHA, Elaine has been active from the first meeting, Wearing many hats, she serves this year as a Director and continuing Editor of The Haflinger Express. Usually busy snapping photographs for KHA, her award winning photos can be found at the local fair competitions, in magazines, and more importantly, in the club newsletter. Her love of Haflingers began with a search for a safe mount for her daughter, resulting in the purchase of Caress, a short Haflinger “as round as a pumpkin”. Elaine’s husband Dennis and daughter Litha continue to support and encourage her as she fulfills her duties as Director, Editor, and pursues her hobby as freelance writer and photographer. Look for Elaine behind the scenes at most of the KHA events.


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